What Your Cat's Body Language REALLY Means

Ever wish you could really understand what your kitty is trying to say to you?

Because they really DO have a language of their own...

You've just got to learn how to read the signs!

So without further ado, here's 5 common signs your cat is sending you - and what they mean... So you can start speaking feline puuurrfectly:

1. Showing Their Tummy

You might know from experience...

But just because your cat is showing you their tummy, DOESN'T mean they're giving you permission to touch!

Odd, right?

Usually, when your cat rolls over and shows you their belly - it means they're content and relaxed.

But it doesn't mean you should touch them there though.

So the best thing to do when your cat shows you their tummy, is to leave them be and let them do their thing!

2. The Slow Blink

If your cat greets you with slow blinks - it's their way of communicating affection.

In a way, they're saying: "Hello, I'm happy to see you!"

Because you see, in the feline world, closing their eyes is the ultimate sign that they trust you.

So the next time your kitty blinks slowly at you, greet them back by blinking slowly yourself!

3. Their Tail

There are several signals being conveyed by your cat's tail.

Here are a few of the most common ones:

- Tail is held high: communicates confidence

- Curled around your legs: a sign of friendliness and affection

- Tucked below or between their legs: signals insecurity or anxiety

- Upright, and fluffed like a brush: means your cat is feeling threatened!

So the next time you see your cat, pay close attention to their tail. It reveals a lot about how they're feeling!

4. Dilated Pupils

Assuming that it's in a bright environment - dilated pupils convey a variety of meanings.

You see, cats dilate their pupils when they feel they need to take in as much visual information as possible.

This usually means it feels threatened, surprised or sometimes, stimulated.

You'll need to take this one in context - take into account the overall situation when deciding why your cat's pupils are dilated!

5. What their ears are saying

Your cat's ears can provide clear signs on how they're feeling.

Here are the most common ones:

- Ears forward: feeling content or playful

- Ears straight up: your cat is on alert

- Ears turned back: irritated or annoyed

- Ears turned sideways (or back): this can mean that your kitty is feeling anxious about something

- Ears back and flat against head: this one's a danger signal! This usually means your cat is feeling scared or defensive

Did you enjoy these?

We hope you did!

When you put these factors together, you'll be speaking feline puurrfectly!

The Adorably Cat Team

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