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Let's Celebrate National Garfield Day With A Countdown Of The Best Cats In Cartoons!

More than 40 years ago, today...

Cartoonist Jim Davis would create a character that would be etched forever in our culture...

Yes, we're talking about the lasagna-loving, Monday-hating Garfield the cat!

And to celebrate, National Garfield Day (today), we're going to kick things off with a countdown of the best 5 cats in cartoons!


1. Garfield The Cat

Obviously, we can't start the list without mentioning one of the most memorable cartoon cats - Garfield.

So what's Garfield like?

Well, he loves lasagna, hates Mondays and chugs coffee like there's no tomorrow.

Plus, he spends his spare time playing tricks on Odie (the dog) and observing his human owner's antics (Jon Arbuckle).

2. Tom, From Tom & Jerry

We couldn't have a top 5 list without Tom, from Tom and Jerry.

Almost always being outwitted by his mouse-rival, Jerry - Tom is a cat that's famous for his comedic slapstick antics.

If we had to summarize the show?

Tom sets traps for Jerry - these backfire - and hilarity ensues!


3. Felix The Cat

A throwback to the "silent film" era, Felix the Cat is one of the oldest cartoon cats around.

Historically, his first appearance was in 1919...

Meaning, Felix the Cat is now 100 years old!

4. Hobbes

While not exactly a "cat," we feel that Hobbes deserves a position on this list - because he's furry, cute and follows Calvin loyally on all his adventures.

So as an honorary "cat" - Hobbes comes in at #4 on this list!

5. Sylvester The Cat

Last but not least, we have Sylvester the Cat. Much like Tom (from Tom & Jerry) - Sylvester spends his time trying to catch (and eat) Tweety Bird.

But did you know Sylvester has won the Academy Award 3 times?

Not bad for a cat!

All in all, we hope you liked this "blast to the past" of memorable cats in cartoons.

We hope you have a happy National Garfield Day!

- The Adorably Cat Team


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